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October 2009



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Oct. 29th, 2009


living in chances

   I am so troubled and miserable lately, i know i may have a serious illness based on the symptoms that i'm been observing from my self, but i'm afraid to tell it to my family and friends, especially my family. I can't tell them now because i know wer'e not that stable yet, we just moved in a new country and we got school and we haven't even got our own house yet. I don't want to give them more problems since they already have so much in mind and i don't want to dissapoint them again. I haven't finished my studies yet and i'm the one they're counting on, it would've been better if this illness came when i already graduated college or i already have a job for i would be financially capable then but no, and now i don't know what to do, i know this illness may become worst if untreated early but  i'm afraid to tell them since i don't want them to be  problematic.  What shall i do?? I don't want to die yet, atleast not without accomplishing my tasks and my goals in life, i want to graduate to make my parents proud and happy, i want to build them a house and take them places, i want to fulfill my dream of becoming active in helping abused, homeless and deprived animals, i had enough seeing these animals be treated inhumanely, they can feel pain too, atleast make them feel their life's meaning, damn those people who are abusive to them! i hope someone more powerful would help.. I still have many in mind to do and i won't let death take me,living when you know you have chances of dying is one hell of a distraction, and it has opened me  to a new world of thinking- valuing things and not taking them for granted. I hope i still have time. I pray that God would let me do the things i must do first.

Oct. 22nd, 2009


Writer's Block: Pick-up lines

What's the best pick-up line you ever heard (or tried)? What's the worst? If you're instantly attracted to someone, will a stupid pick-up line dampen your interest?

     The best pick-up line i know (atleast for me), was a line from a song that i first saw in a letter given to me by a very esoteric boy , a line that was scribbled  down the last page.... It says,  " Words are not important, smiles are all i need from you. The yearning is getting stronger , and i dumb, i hope you like me too...."
When I read that, I couldn't help but smile, it was a very unique and inspiring line. I cannot find words to describe it.

Oct. 15th, 2009


Writer's Block: Gone Too Far

What is the scariest incident with drugs or alcohol you’ve witnessed or personally experienced? How did it change you?

 It's not the scariest actually, but the worst so far.It was a night when i was so drunk (w/ hard liquor) and i went home alone and i couldn't even carry myself , i was throwing up in the streets ,i was so wasted .Good thing my bf came and took me home. He was furious w/ me but there's nothing more he can do,he had never seen me so wasted before.But the next day, all was fine ,he was even laughing at me telling me what i looked like and what funny things i was doing. That was a night to remember, i didn't drink months after that. Well now i just drink occasionally, atleast i have kept it to myself never to be wasted again, and hopefully i'll stick with it or at least when i'll remember it :p :p :p Like they say, "experience is the best example but we are stubborn students" ;P

Writer's Block: Happy go lucky

  From my point of view i agree that some people are just more fortunate than others, for instance- man A has been playing for the lotto jackpot many times now and man B only played it once but won, is there an explanation for that? I mean, that's luck right there. And why do some people who works their ass off almost everyday of their lives still hasn't gotten any changes?, but the people who are ,let's say bad, and are not putting much effort are the ones who's on top of the game?I know that life is not fair and it's ok if it's not, maybe it has it's reasons ,maybe it's just the way it is and maybe it's a way of learning  for us humans who never seem to be contented, although i don't believe that someone can be cursed, because we all have bad days, and problems to deal with,it's life, just try not to fall and if ever you do, you could always stand up and try your luck the next time.

new life

Right now i feel lost,  it's been like that lately, new country, new place to live, new faces, new school, new life, new problems. I left with nothing in my head, no plans, expectations, nothing, it's like my soul is wandering elsewhere and i have not the energy to bring it back. I did not even shed one tear when i left, it's not that i'm not sad, i wanted to cry real hard but nothing came out, instead it just stayed inside of me -the sadness, confusion, worry and it made me difficult to breath.I didn't even had the chance to say goodbye to my friends and the one person who would be waiting for me,leaving w/o saying goodbye is the one thing iv'e been regreting.I boarded the plane with urges to go back, i was staring outside the window, atleast the view of the beautiful sky and the horizon and the idea that i'm up in the air gives me something to smile about .Soon i would be in a new place i'm unfamiliar with and even when i got here it hasn't sunk in yet. I still feel like i'm in my old room, doing the same routine when i wake up, and going to the same places where i waste my time having fun. But, after sometime, i came to realize i have to face life now, time is running and i can't afford to waste a minute of it. Now i have lots of plans to make and tons of goals to achieve. While i'm here i'll make most of the time building  my future and my family's too. I'll try real hard to be a better person, and step outside my realm to understand more what life has to offer.And , when i'm ready enough, i'll go back, and maybe i'll have something in mind when i ride another plane.

Writer's Block: 1, 2, 3, 4, Journaling can cool earth's core!

I think it's one way to inform people about these issues and problems regarding our planet,but the more concrete way to make a change  is to really "ACT" towards it ,not just talk about it, it's always talking and planning BUT THERE IS NO ACTION. If we really want to be one of the few people who really CARES for our environment then we must do something, we could start off by simple ways like segregating our own trash, recycling, planting a tree, being a volunteer, not wasting food, and just living simple lives and not being wasteful and excessive and irrational and selfish.With all that is happening now- climate change, calamities, disasters, i hope that it would be a reminder of what man is doing to the one place we all call home.  We are OVEERUSING IT, always dividing habitats and leaving nothing for other species, we are selfish,never contented. When can we learn?, maybe when it's already  too late, and there's nothing more we can do..

Oct. 8th, 2009


Writer's Block: Concert mania

What band are you dying to see live in concert that you've never seen before? Would you travel to a different city or state just to see them?

Oct. 7th, 2009


Writer's Block: Airplane reading

If you're going on a long plane or road trip, what sort of reading materials do you bring along? Is it different from what you usually read? Will you watch a trashy movie or read a bad novel or magazines just to pass the time?
I would probably read Bob Ong's fifth published book which is entitled "Stainless Longganisa". It is unexpectedly insightful. It talks about the importance of reading, the correct way of writing, and reaching one's goals. Check it out.